Welcome to Our Adventure!

During 659,5 hours in the saddle we cycled 12'474 kilometers and climbed

75'007 meters in height. After 8 unforgettable months with countless

amazing experiences and encounters we reached our hometown

Allschwil on the 7th of April 2012.


By bicycle from our hometown Basel towards the rising sun

to Hanoi - Vietnam.                                      (7th of August 2011 till 7th of April 2012)


The first part of the route will lead us along the Danube through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Romania to the Black Sea. Following the coast we will get to Turkey via Bulgaria. Near Trabzon we will leave the Black Sea region and cycle through East Anatolia. Close to Maku we will cross another Eastern border and travel through Iran until we reach the Caspian Sea. From there we will follow the green coast for a while so that we can regain enough energy for the southern crossing of the desert. To go further east we will take the plane from Shiraz to Mumbai on India’s west coast. From there we will make a west to east crossing to Chennai including a few detours and some mountain passes. Afterwards we will go up in the air again in order to reach Bangkok in Thailand. On the last part of our route we will explore South East Asia. A tour through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos will lead us to the crossing of our last border. After a total of approximately eight months we will arrive in Vietnam, where our final destination Hanoi lies.